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Alana is an experienced multi disciplinary performer who works with physical theatre, movement, aerial circus, clown and mask. Her work centres around ritual & storytelling, exploring the dance between the sacred, the profane and humanity's relationship with the natural world.  


She has been performing and creating artistic work for over ten years: creating performance as a means to express, process and question what's happening in the world.. Her practice includes circus, clown, mask and physical theatre and intersects with her body of research around ritual, tarot and myth.


She has spent a lot of time in interactive and immersive roles including with Shotgun Carousel, Secret Cinema, Rogue Theatre, The Artful Badger, The Salon Collective, Feurza Bruta, The Eden Project, Thimble Theatre, Rift & Mama Marbles,

She has been highly influenced by contemporary theatre practices that have been inspired by Jerzy Grotowski. She has spent time training in Poland with Matej Matejka from Studio Matejka, plus has trained and performed with Anna-Helena Mclean from Moon Fool. 

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